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3 Dog Mojo Photo is a collection of photographs from bumming around with camera in hand...and out of every thousand or so, one or two are worth keeping so I post them here.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

"Proud Mama" included in the 2017 Colorado Outdoors Photo Issue

I can't tell you how excited, honored, and humbled I am to have "Proud Mama" be included in this year's Colorado Outdoors Photo Issue!

Thanks very much to Colorado Outdoors Magazine, Colorado Parks and Outdoors, and Wayne D. Lewis for the opportunity to be a part of a simply beautiful and stunning collection of outdoor photography in this year's Photography Issue.  The images in this magazine are gorgeous...and display the beauty and wonder of the amazing state we live in.

I noticed that the 2017 Photo Issue is currently showing sold out online (it literally just hit my mailbox last Friday), but Colorado Parks and Wildlife took it one step further and put together this wonderful video showcasing all the photos in the issue.

It's over 7 minutes of stunning photographs...and seeing "Proud Mama" being featured in the video was one more wonderful gift for the holiday season.  Thanks once again to Colorado Parks and Wildlife!

Happy Holidays to everyone...


Michael Dunkle